Integration [411] - OBR integration with Micro Focus SitesScope

  • KM01695046
  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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OBR integration with Micro Focus SitesScope - Catalog Id: 411


Using the SiS APIs or data logged in BSM Profile DB, HPE Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) collects performance metrics that can be used for generating reports.



This integration enables you to  use SiteScope metrics for long term reporting and analysis. At predefined intervals, OBR queries the profile DB to retrieve metric values for key entities.
OBR also uses an alternate channel consumping SiS APIs to consume similar data in an OMi10/standalone SiS deployment.
OBR then uses this information to report on various measures, including CPU utilization, memory/disk usage related metrics, and so on. OBR also packages a set of views for SiteScope that are used to drive the topology and CI instance collection from RTSM.




Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Reporter (prev. SHR)

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Operations Bridge Reporter (prev. SHR)
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