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Health Report in Service Catalog (Systinet - BSM) - Catalog Id: 41


Integrating HP Systinet with HP Business Service Management (BSM) enables you to import services from the HP Universal CMDB (UCMDB), which is used by BSM to provide visibility of the infrastructure and applications that support your business services. Systinet displays BSM's Service Health report (and metrics) in the Performance and Availability section of the Artifact Details page, Metrics tab in the Catalog tab. Administrators and users with proper permissions can see how services behave in run time. It is also possible to navigate from HP Systinet to the full report page in BSM.



HP Systinet splits responsibility for the BSM / UCMDB integration between administrators and users with permissions to access UCMDB content and BSM performance statistics. The administrator manages integrated BSM / UCMDB servers and must create an integrated server artifact before BSM / UCMDB integration functionality is available for use.

To take full advantage of the BSM / UCMDB integration functionality, HP recommends integrating UCMDB with HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI). DDMI can identify your physical and virtual IT assets, collect hardware information, and identify installed and used software. When integrated with UCMDB, DDMI can automatically populate UCMDB with this information.

BSM can access services in HP Systinet directly if the connection to HP Systinet is set in BSM for Systinet Settings. This enables you to view SOAP Services in the Health Report page. Any SOAP Service artifact that is monitored by BSM has a Performance and Availability section in Systinet's Catalog tab > Artifact Details page > Metrics tab.

The Performance and Availability section displays statistics generated by BSM for the default time period. Select Data Source to refresh the information for the selected time period. Select Real Data to show metrics generated by actual users or Synthetic Data to show metrics generated automatically by SiteScope, an application monitoring product which you can integrate with BSM. Click View Report in BSM to display the BSM report for the selected time period.




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