Integration [408] - Launch OO Flow from SM RFC (SM - OO)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Launch OO Flow from SM RFC (SM - OO) - Catalog Id: 408


Launching Operations Orchestration (OO) flows from Service Manager (SM) enables you to provide faster, more automated change processes, with the ability to automate the deployment of a change. The SM-OO integration also allows you to trigger OO flows within SM RFC and use SM record parameters in OO flows.

Automated Deployment of Changes (SM to OO)

In order to use automation to perform various actions within SM, the integration provides OOTB capabilities to trigger OO flows within SM.

The following implemented utilities enable these capabilities:

  • OOTB OO Flow content for various change implementations:
    • Example 1: Flow to run SQL scripts
    • Example 2: Flow to restart a specific service or server
  • OO Flow selection from within SM
  • User definition of the trigger method:
    • Manually, by the user
    • Automatically, based on the following defined criteria:
      • Upon approval
      • Based on schedule

Using SM Record Parameters in OO Flows

The SM-OO integration supports OO receiving the necessary flow-related parameter values.

The parameters can be defined in one of two ways:

  • Fixed value
  • Reference to SM RFC/CI fields-directly from the SM RFC record or CI record, in order to utilize them when executing the automated flow. This will enable generic or commonly used flows to be consumed in an ongoing manner with minimal user intervention or need for any customization of flows.



Leading Product:
Service Manager

Secondary Product:
Operations Orchestration Platform



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Operations Orchestration Platform
Service Manager
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