Integration [403] - UI Sharing and Usage of Analytic/Change Capabilities of RC in SM RFC (SM - RC)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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UI Sharing and Usage of Analytic/Change Capabilities of RC in SM RFC (SM - RC) - Catalog Id: 403


This integration enables the customer's IT organization to:
  • Leverage the Release Control Calendar for a time-based view of RFCs over time.
  • Leverage Release Control's advanced set of capabilities designed to assist in the proper planning and implementation of planned changes to IT infrastructure. This functionality is now available directly from the Service Manager user interface.
  • Have an automated and objective analysis of the RFC coming from Release Control serving as the single source of truth for change information. With this information now available on Service Manager, the customer can implement a process for fulfilling RFC in a way that reduces the risk to production systems.


This integration allows for higher visibility of ITIL Change Management processes in order to promote smooth transitions when changes take place. Higher visibility is gained by bringing the benefits of the HPE Release Control (RC) RFC Analysis and Calendar display directly to your HPE Service Manager (SM) user's base. Any organization that wants to appropriately respond to the RFC needs a reasoned approach for assessment of risk, impact, collision detection, and approvals. This approach is essential for maintaining a proper balance between the need to change your IT Infrastructure to match the business requirements and the impact of that change.

In order to better analyze the RFC, the initiator is provided with the following information within SM - Risk Analysis, Impact Analysis, Collision Detection, and Change Window/Blackout Period Conflicts. This information will be automatically populated in the RFC record, thus saving SM users from manually updating these values, as well as providing a single source of truth for change information.

This integration utilizes the Release Control Analysis module to gain better insight into risks, impact, conflicts with other changes, change windows/blackout periods, all of which are based on change information from SM and CI dependencies and relationships from UCMDB.

The Change Manager can define the level of risk and impact that requires the full change process to be implemented. RFCs that do not meet these criteria can follow the pre-authorized process. RC enables you to filter RFCs by various conditions, thus exposing a low risk that will be approved immediately by the Change Management Team, without requiring deep analysis assessment and approval procedures.

As part of this integration, HPE Service Manager also introduces the new Change Calendar component of HP Release Control. This new and improved component enables the user to easily browse through the many changes in the organization using a Monthly, Weekly, or Daily view. This new component is built to cope with an almost unlimited number of change records so as to fit the requirements of enterprise-scale organizations. The improved usability of the Calendar component, along with the quick-filtering capabilities, makes searching for a change an easy task.



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Service Manager

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Release Control



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