Integration [365] - Event to remediation (OMi - OO)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Event to remediation (OMi - OO) - Catalog Id: 365


Operations Orchestration (OO) provides a simple way for customers to run scripts for automatic actions. The integration with Operations Manager i utilizes the OO capabilities for building investigation tools or service remediation scripts, providing the operators with a simple way to validate a problem, investigate it, or automatically correct it. A run book can be executed manually or automatically in the context of an event.


The integration of OMi with OO is accomplished through a OMi component used by the Event Console.

Once an event is triggered to OMi, the next logical step is performing the appropriate workflow in order to repair it and restore the service. These remediation workflows can be modeled and executed in OO. By integrating the OMi Event Console with OO, we can enable an E2E solution for events and remediation.

The run books for either diagnostic purposes or resolution can be generated manually by the Event Console Operator or automatically from the event, based on predefined criteria. The results are available within the event's record.

The run book execution ability simplifies the investigation and resolution processes and lowers the technical requirements of OMi users.



Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)

Secondary Product:
Operations Orchestration Platform



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Operations Orchestration Platform
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
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