Integration [363] - Node Bank and Outage integration (SM - OMU)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Node Bank and Outage integration (SM - OMU) - Catalog Id: 363


This integration helps to:
  1. Synchronize node information from OVOU node bank to SM CMDB
  2. Synchronize outage information from SM CMDB to OVOU Management Server


Node Bank Integration

The Node Bank Integration synchronizes data in the SC/SM Configuration Manager database (SC/SM CMDB) with the Node Bank information kept on the available OVO for UNIX Management Servers. This synchronization is designed to take place in a short time span on a regular basis. Synchronization starts with wiping the registration of Management Servers related to Nodes in the CMDB. After that, Node Bank information from each Management Server is transferred into the CMDB. At the end of a complete cycle, all information in the CMDB is up-to-date.

The synchronization is executed by means of Connect-It scenarios. The first scenario to run in a synchronization cycle removes the registration of Management Servers with Nodes in the CMDB, using SC/SM Web Services. After that, a scenario is run for each Management Server, connecting to the underlying database and transferring the relevant data into the CMDB by means of the SC/SM Web Services.

Additionally, the Node Bank Integration scenario copies Message Group data from the OVO for UNIX Management Servers to the SC/SM Database, so they can be used by the Outage integration as filtering conditions.

Outage Integration

OVO for UNIX must be made aware of outages planned in the context of a change process. During the specified outage periods, OVO for UNIX will interpret events detected on systems and will accordingly suppress or only log the corresponding messages. Messages that comply to the outage descriptions sent to OVO will not be escalated to the incident management process.

The Outage Integration uses the Node Bank information to identify Configuration Items (CIs) as nodes managed by OVO for UNIX, and uses a wizard to configure OVO for UNIX outages that are then sent to and uploaded onto the appropriate OVO for UNIX Management Server.



Leading Product:
Service Manager

Secondary Product:
Operations Manager for UNIX



Documentation for this integration can be found using the following link:


Support Matrix

Operations Manager for UNIX
Service Manager
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