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Investment Project Cost Tracking (AM - PPM) - Catalog Id: 353


HPE Asset Manager and HPE Project and Portfolio Management software solutions enable customers to measure and communicate the value the IT organization is providing to the businesses it supports. Integrating Asset Manager and Project and Portfolio Management provides a unified portal for all operational and strategic IT investments, to help IT and Line of Business (LOB) managers select optimal investments and wring cost savings out of their operational IT spend. Labor and non-labor costs associated with a project are centralized in Asset Manager. Project and Portfolio Management provides the best-practice templates and processes needed to get started on the road to optimized project and portfolio management.
HPE Project and Portfolio Management integrates and unifies all of the discrete elements that make up the IT workload--from IT demand management to financial management, time management and resource management, to program management and project management--to enable real-time visibility into all IT activities. In addition, Project and Portfolio Management is built on top of a powerful workflow process engine that can automate project management processes. These capabilities enable Project and Portfolio Management to provide the "Project Management Office" with the visibility, controls and flexibility needed to align IT services with business objectives. HPE Asset Manager's powerful ITIL-aligned IT Financial Management (ITFM) Foundation capabilities and IT Asset Lifecycle Management (IT-ALM) workflow engine help organizations manage their assets, from procurement to retirement and capture costs, report them against any kind of asset, chargeback for service usage, and roll-up the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) information to C-level executives for effective business decision-making at the business service or project level.

By associating the capital assets, supporting a Business Service or Project managed by Project and Portfolio Management, with their IT Assets managed by Asset Manager, the organization is able to roll-up the Total Cost of Ownership or "TCO" for the Business Service or Project. This integration provides:
  • discrete asset <> business service or project reconciliation,
  • ongoing operational costs synchronization,
  • from new, active and completed projects
Using historical operational and project cost data from the Business Service or Project level provides an IT financial perspective of total cost, and allows more accurate forecasting of new project costs and the anticipated Return on Investment or "ROI":
  • Track impact and costs of new projects against established business services.
  • Improve the ability to make key financial decisions, based on historical trends.
  • Associate IT projects with existing contracts/warranties in order to avoid duplication.
The HPE Project and Portfolio Management Center 7.5 connector lets you interact with PPM Web services.

In a Connect-It integration scenario, the PPM connector allows you to utilize these Web Services for integration with Asset Manager. The documentation resources below describe how to implement the integration highlighted here.


Leading Product:
Asset Manager

Secondary Product:
Project and Portfolio Management Foundation



Documentation for this integration can be found at:
  • Log on to HPE Software Support Online.
  • Provide the following searching criteria, and search for Portfolio.
    • Product: Select Asset Manager.
    • Product Version: Select the latest version.
  • Open Portfolio.pdf in the search result.
Connect-It 9.60 Connector Guide (See Chapter 5 and Chapter 10)


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Project and Portfolio Management Foundation
Asset Manager
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