Integration [351] - Employee Self-Service Catalog for Asset Manager (AM - SM)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Employee Self-Service Catalog for Asset Manager (AM - SM) - Catalog Id: 351


Note that the Employee Self-Service Catalog integration is for Asset Manager customers only.  The integration with Service Manager is only valid for the provided "non-production" instance of Service Manager that is included with Asset Manager 5.10 and above.

This integration provides HPE Asset Manager (AM) users with the HPE Service Manager (SM) interface that can be used to carry out requests.  With this integration, you can:
  • Describe in AM the catalog to publish in SM self-service
  • Export AM models as categories in the SM catalog
  • Export AM requests, products, and off-catalog products to the SM catalog
  • Create requests using the SM catalog self-service
  • View the status of your requests in AM

Beginning with Asset Manager 5.20 and Service Manager 7.11, the integration adds the following improvements:

  • The Asset Manager amRequest:Priority field is now populated with a text value instead of just a number. This text value corresponds to the Service Manager labels of the corresponding field.
  • The status of the Asset Manager request is now propagated to the Service Manager shopping cart status:
    • In preparation > Awaiting approval
    • Awaiting approval > Awaiting approval
    • Validated > Approved
    • Satisfied > Fulfilled
    • Refused > Refused
    • Rejected > Rejected
    • Closed > Closed
    • Cancelled > Cancelled
    • Reserved > Reserved
  • Images associated with Asset Manager models and products are transferred to Service Manager.




To use this integration, AM customers must install a dedicated Employee Self-Service (ESS) instance of SM.

The integration uses Web Service Proxy to transmit the request containing the AM articles from SM to AM Web Service so that AM can create the request.  The status of the requested items is then updated in SM via an HPE Connect-It scenario.
Connect-It scenarios enabling this integration are: catalogitems.scn, categories.scn, sso.scn, status.scn, users.scn.





Leading Product:
Asset Manager

Secondary Product:
Service Manager



Documentation for this integration can be found at:

  • Log on to HPE Software Support Online.
  • Provide the following searching criteria, and search for Procurement.
    • Product: Select Asset Manager.
    • Product Version: Select the latest version.
  • Open Procurement.pdf in the search result.

Additional details can be found in two documents delivered with the Asset Manager product installation in the C:\Program Files(x86)\HPE\Asset Manager <version> xx\doc\white_papers\Integrations.

  • Service Catalog Integration - Administration Guide
  • Service Catalog Integration - Setup Guide



Support Matrix

Service Manager
Asset Manager
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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