Integration [337] - Incident Exchange (OMi - SM)

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Incident Exchange (OMi - SM) - Catalog Id: 337


You can integrate Service Manager (SM) with Operations Manager i (OMi), allowing:

  • OMi events, and their updates, to be automatically or manually forwarded to Service Manager as an incident.
  • OMi Event Browser to display on the External Information tab of the corresponding events what events have been forwarded, including detailed information about the corresponding Service Manager incident.
  • Extended Incident Details view to be launched from the event record (opening the Service Manager user interface in the correct context).
  • Extended Event Details to be launched from the incident record (opening the OMi event browser user interface in the correct event context).

In addition, changes made to an OMi event are synchronized with the related Service Manager incident, and vice versa, during the life cycle of the event and the incident, including automatic closure.


Service Manager includes an integration between incidents in Service Manager and events in OMi. When deployed as part of the OMi solution, this integration links incidents in Service Manager to events in OMi. Service Manager can accept RESTful-based requests from OMi to create incidents in Service Manager, based on events information in OMi.

This integration uses the Web services API of both OMi and SM.

Operations Manager i (OMi) is an end-to-end management solution portfolio that integrates network, server, application, and business transaction monitoring to help improve IT operations efficiency while delivering high-quality services.
OMi optimizes event management, identifying cause/symptom relationships between events, and reduces operational expenditures.

In a Service Manager to OMi integration, System Administrators can configure global settings so that incidents opened from events in OMi can be automatically closed and alert definitions for those incidents can be defined. Incident Management users can mark incidents as eligible or ineligible for automatic closure. Users can also view related OMi event details in incident records.

When a Service Manager to OMi integration instance is enabled, and Service Manager accepts an incident creation request from a remote OMi server, it creates an incident. After the incident has been created, Service Manager automatically synchronizes data to OMi when an Incident Management user makes any changes to the incident. When the user saves the changes, Service Manager sends an update request to the OMi RESTful Web service interface to synchronize the incident information to the corresponding event in OMi.

Incident Exchange (OMi-SM) V1.0 is bi-directional - opening incidents from OMi, synchronizing OMi events to SM incidents, viewing event details from OMi incidents, and synchronizing incident changes back to OMi events.



Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)

Secondary Product:
Service Manager



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Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
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