Integration [306] - Performance Manager to SiteScope

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Performance Manager to SiteScope - Catalog Id: 306


The Diagnostic View in HP Performance Manager (PM) version 9.0 allows visualizing real-time data from the RTM (Real-Time Measurement) data source in Operations Agent. You can visualize data from SiteScope in the same console. This helps in correlating the real-time performance data with the metrics collected by SiteScope.



SiteScope can be configured to log data into the Operations Agent installed along with SiteScope. Once this integration is enabled, Performance Manager can be configured to connect to the SiteScope server to collect the data being logged by SiteScope. The following image gives an overview of data flow for the integration.




Leading Product:
Performance Manager

Secondary Product:



HP SiteScope documentation for this integration can be found using the following links:

HP Performance Manager version 9.20 documentation is available on HPE Software Product Manuals.


Support Matrix

Performance Manager
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