Integration [247] - Build and launch OO flows for Micro Focus Server Automation (OO - SA)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Build and launch OO flows for Micro Focus Server Automation (OO - SA) - Catalog Id: 247


This integration allows administrators to build Micro Focus Operation Orchestration (OO) flows that are integrated with Micro Focus Server Automation (SA). Implementing this integration allows administrators to provision, patch, and update software, as well as perform audits on servers. 


The Micro Focus Server Automation integration operations can be found in the OO Studio repository in the /Library/Integrations/Hewlett-Packard/Server Automation/ folder.


These operations support the following types of tasks:

  • OS provisioning, including bare-metal provisioning
  • Administer SA-managed servers:
    • Manage patch levels and patch policies
    • Manage software updates and software policies
    • Patch and software compliance scans
    • Remediate servers
    • Manage device groups
  • Reports:
    • Compliance reports
    • Audit reports
  • Create virtual machines
The HP Server Automation integration with HP Operations Orchestration does not require any special installation. However, you must have the URL, username, and password to connect to SA. If the port and protocol for the connection have been changed from their defaults, retrieve that information from your SA administrator. Be sure you know to which version of SA you are connecting.

Using the various REST-based services, you can use URL syntaxes to interact with HP Operations Orchestration Central.



Leading Product:
Server Automation

Secondary Product:
Operations Orchestration Platform



The release notes and content installers are available on Micro Focus. Please use the following link to download them:

See the HPE Server Automation 10.5x Documentation Library for documentation for versions of SA 10.50 and later.

Support Matrix

Operations Orchestration Platform
Server Automation
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