Integration [238] - Storage Essentials Connector for Server Automation (SA - SE)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Storage Essentials Connector for Server Automation (SA - SE) - Catalog Id: 238


Storage Visibility and Automation (SVA) is a feature in HP Server Automation (SA) that leverages HP Storage Essentials (SE) to provide server administrators with the storage data they need to effectively do their jobs. Storage Visibility and Automation requires the HP Storage Essentials Connector for HP Server Automation. The connector is a storage scanner that collects SAN topology, relationship, and capacity data from SE and loads it into the SA model repository where it can be visualized, monitored, and reported on with server data within Server Automation.

Storage Visibility and Automation uses HP Storage Essentials APIs to collate the storage-related (SAN Arrays, NAS Filers, Switches and Fabrics) information.

The Storage Visibility and Automation Connector component was written which will connect to SE CMS authorized users. The data collection can be scheduled periodically.

SVA can be configured to communicate with multiple Storage Essentials instances.

The SVA component will assist server administrators managing servers from Server Automation to understand the storage-related information such as Server Connectivity and Composition from FileSystem to Storage Array LUN level. Various storage reports are available to the end user.


Leading Product:
Server Automation

Secondary Product:
Storage Essentials



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Storage Essentials
Server Automation
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