Integration [191] - OO Content for Micro Focus Universal Configuration Management Database

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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OO Content for Micro Focus Universal Configuration Management Database - Catalog Id: 191


This integration allows administrators to build Micro Focus Operations Orchestration (OO) flows that are integrated with Micro Focus Universal CMDB (UCMDB). Implementing this integration allows OO operations to communicate between OO and UCMDB.

This Micro Focus Universal CMDB integration includes the following operations in the OO Studio Library/Integrations/Hewlett-Packard/Universal CMDB/ folder.

  • Add Object
  • Add Relationship
  • Delete Object
  • Delete Relation
  • Get Filtered Object List by Type
  • Get Object List By Host Name
  • Get Neighboring Objects
  • Get Object Attributes by ID
  • Get Object List by Type
  • Get Query Name of View
  • Get Topology Map by Query Name
  • Get Topology Map by Query Name with Parameter
  • Get Topology Map by View Name
  • Is Object Related To
  • Modify Object Attribute(s)
  • Validate IP in UCMDB

These operations support the following types of tasks:

  • Add, remove, and update Configuration Items in UCMDB
  • Add, remove, and update Relations in UCMDB
  • Retrieve information about Configuration Items and Relationships in UCMDB
  • Validate an IP or a host name in UCMDB

Servers are accessed via JAVA Client API.

The UCMDB administrator provides logon credentials for connecting with the SOAP or API. The SOAP client or API client needs the username and password of an integration user defined in UCMDB. These users do not represent actual users of UCMDB, but rather applications that connect to UCMDB.



Leading Product:
Operations Orchestration Content

Secondary Product:
Universal CMDB



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Universal CMDB
Operations Orchestration Content
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