Integration [165] - SAP business scenario: ITAM purchase request lifecycle (AM <> SAP)

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SAP business scenario: ITAM purchase request lifecycle (AM <> SAP) - Catalog Id: 165


The SAP-Asset Manager integration solution is used as the basis for transferring data between the Asset Manager and SAP databases--supplying the source material for setting up processes suited to your own enterprise. Data is collected such as requests, suppliers, employees, purchase orders, purchase order lines, receiving slips, and receiving lines.

Relying on both Asset Manager and SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) transferring data between the two databases enables you to manage processes while maintaining data integrity (for procurement management, in particular).

SAP excels in its ability to handle complex projects and goes into great financial detail. Asset Manager excels in its ability to manage complex assets (IT assets, in particular), elaborate processes (using workflows, for example, to manage procurement processes), maintain an inventory, manage licenses, and detail expenses.

Integrating both packages enables you to make the most of their respective advantages and automate the maintenance of common data.

For those processes that overlap, you will be using either Asset Manager or SAP, depending on the phase of the process. For example:
Common reference data, except supplier catalogs and models, will be managed manually in the SAP applications. The updating of this data is automated using the SAP-Asset Manager integration solution.
Supplier catalogs are managed by hand in one of two Asset Manager software suites. This data does not appear in SAP.
Below is the business approach data flow:
*Netweaver integration is using a Web service instead of BAPI
*AssetCenter is replaced by Asset Manager


Leading Product:
Asset Manager

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Asset Manager
Comments: With CIT 9.30 or upper
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