Integration [163] - DDM Inventory Integration for Service Manager (DDMI -> SM)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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DDM Inventory Integration for Service Manager (DDMI -> SM) - Catalog Id: 163


HPE Service Manager (SM) integrates with HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) Inventory to provide network monitoring capabilities within Service Manager. When HP DDM Inventory discovers new configuration items (CIs), Service Manager creates a new CI record in the CI database. If HP DDM Inventory finds a changed CI, Service Manager updates the CI record. If HP DDM Inventory determines that the CI is no longer attached to the network, Service Manager flags the CI record. HP DDM Inventory maps data in its database to Service Manager CI record fields.

You can enable HP DDM Inventory to automatically add and update information about your configuration items to your HP Service Manager Configuration Management database (CMDB). HP DDM Inventory provides a real-time view of your network and the relationships between your configuration items. You can also create events, such as automatically opening an incident ticket, when configuration items reach a predefined threshold.


You can export data to HPE Service Manager that HP DDM Inventory collects. Users can then access parts of HP DDM Inventory through Service Manager, and vice versa. HP DDM Inventory can export two types of data to Service Manager:

  • Device data: Device data describes the network devices, such as device type (for example, a workstation or a router), description, and operating system.
  • Alarm data: Network Discovery constantly monitors the state of the network and related devices. Users can configure Network Discovery to trigger alarms based on specific thresholds.

When you export data from HP DDM Inventory, the data populates the HPE Service Manager CMDB. There are two ways to export data from HP DDM Inventory:

  • Connect-It
  • Pre-configured exports from HP DDM Inventory

Although you can use both methods, HPE recommends that you use the Connect-It scenario to initially populate the CMDB, and then use pre-configured exports to make updates. Both methods use the following Service Manager Event Services events to update the CMDB:

  • ICMmainframe
  • ICMtelecom
  • ICMcomputer
  • ICMnetcomp
  • ICMofficeelec

These events are tailored to receive types of data that are specific to these devices.

Note: You can run a Connect-It scenario manually or on a scheduled basis.



Leading Product:
Service Manager

Secondary Product:
Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory



Integration reference information is available in Service Manager Help Center.  


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Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory
Service Manager
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