Integration [162] - OO Content for Micro Focus Network Node Manager i

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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OO Content for Micro Focus Network Node Manager i - Catalog Id: 162


This integration enables administrators to build OO flows that are integrated into Micro Focus Network Node Manager i Software (NNMi), and launch OO flows via the NNMi Event Console.

The following are some of the use cases for which integration of OO with NNMi is suitable:
  1. To launch an OO flow from within the NNMi console. This allows administrators to connect specific events to OO flows. This type of integration is a simple Incident Management/Runbook use case, in which the following takes place:
    a.  NNMi detects an error and raises an alarm on the console.
    b.  A context-sensitive runbook is launched to remediate the fault.
    c.  OO automatically acknowledges the event and runs the runbook.
    d.  OO remediates the problem.
    e.  OO updates and resets the alarm.
  2. To create operations that automate the gathering and processing of NNMi node information.


Leading Product:
Operations Orchestration Content

Secondary Product:
Network Node Manager i software



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Network Node Manager i software
Operations Orchestration Content
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