Integration [153] - Change Management Risk Mitigation (RC - SM)

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  • 27-Nov-2017
  • 27-Nov-2017

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Change Management Risk Mitigation (RC - SM) - Catalog Id: 153

Important: For the newest version of this integration, please see Integration ID #377


The integration between Release Control Analysis (formally known as CCM) and ServiceCenter/Service Manager (SC/SM) products allows you to assess and mitigate risk associated with making changes RFC to a configuration item's (CI) configuration submitted as part of a Request For Change (RFC). The risk assessments are performed against any collisions of changes either specific to the affected CI or topologically relevant; against a resource conflict; or any element captured within the RFC that could be used for evaluation. Once a RFC has been mitigated, the approval state is then automatically synchronizing with the originating RFC in SC/SM.


Leading Product:
Release Control

Secondary Product:
Service Manager

Currently no Solution uses this integration.

Support Matrix

Service Manager
Release Control
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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