Integration [136] - Asset Manager Integration to Data Center Infrastructure tools (AM - Aperture Vista Infrastructure)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Asset Manager Integration to Data Center Infrastructure tools (AM - Aperture Vista Infrastructure) - Catalog Id: 136


Integrating market-leading systems for HPE Asset Management and Data Center Infrastructure Management provides substantial, wide-ranging benefits at a low premium to the base cost of the two systems. Integration between Data Center Infrastructure Management and Asset Manager provides a common ground for data center managers and procurement managers to:

  • Use powerful tools to monitor and report on data center operations
  • Proactively manage capacity, based on business and IT forecasts:
    • Accurately predict new data center requirements
    • Manage consolidation projects
    • Right-size infrastructure resources
    • Stretch lifespan of existing data centers
    • Maximize ROI (Return on Investment)
    • Make operational improvements
  •  Enforce industry Best Practices via integrated and standardized processes:
    • Perform compliance tracking and reporting
    • Access enhanced inventory and floor plan information
    • Improve energy efficiency (green initiatives)
    • Offset rising energy costs


As a result of this integration, Asset Manager's powerful procurement capabilities are complemented by the fine-tuned Data Center management and provisioning facilities of Data Center Infrastructure Management. The two workflows, for procurement and provisioning, can progress in parallel - synchronized and controlled at key status points. Consider the key scenario where a new device needs to be installed in a Data Center. A user requests the new device in Asset Manager through a classical request. The device he wants to be installed is added to a request. A corresponding request is created in Data Center Infrastructure Management, to which more detailed installation details can be added. Two workflows are then managed:

  • In Asset Manager: The procurement workflow starts. The request is validated. New equipment is ordered, if necessary, and eventually reserved from stock for the installation.
  • In Data Center Infrastructure Management: The provisioning workflow starts.  The power, network, space and storage are provisioned for the new devices to be installed.
Note: Asset Manager versions later than 5.20 includes additional symbols mapping.
Associated Connect-IT scenarios are:
  • dcimam_sync.scn
  • amdcim_provisioning.scn
  • dcimam_refdata.scn




Leading Product:
Asset Manager

Secondary Product:
Aperture VISTA Infrastructure



Documentation for this integration can be found at:
  • Log on to HPE Software Support Online.
  • Provide the following searching criteria, and search for Integration With DCIM.
    • Product: Select Asset Manager.
    • Product Version: Select the latest version.
  • Open IntegrationWithDCIM.pdf in the search result.


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Aperture VISTA Infrastructure
Asset Manager
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