Integration [119] - Correlate CI Changes with Planned RFC for CAB Risk Mitigation (RC - UCMDB)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Correlate CI Changes with Planned RFC for CAB Risk Mitigation (RC - UCMDB) - Catalog Id: 119


The integration between Release Control Analysis (formally known as CCM) and Universal CMDB (UCMDB) products allows you to correlate configuration item (CI) discovered changes with planned Request For Change (RFC) during the virtual Change Advisory Board (CAB) risk mitigation phase when planning your changes.


One of the main activities performed during the Change Advisory Board Approval phase is to perform risk assessment and mitigation for an RFC. One important area of assessing risk is to understand what planned and unplanned changes have been done recently to the affected area.
  • CAB Member(s): Based on their IT business assessment of their proposed project work plan risk, reconciles the proposed schedule with their future work schedules, collaborates and communicates with members of the CAB, and provides their acceptance or rejection of the proposed project work plan.
Basic course of events
  • CAB Member(s) receives the proposed work plan.
  • CAB Member(s) assesses proposed project work plan risks based on its impact on their IT business areas of responsibility and future work schedules.
  • CAB Member(s) mitigates risk by collaborating with each through notes.
Process workflow diagram



Leading Product:
Release Control

Secondary Product:
Universal CMDB



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