Integration [5] - Using Quality Reports in Service Lifecycle Management (Systinet - ALM)

  • KM01663914
  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Using Quality Reports in Service Lifecycle Management (Systinet - ALM) - Catalog Id: 5


This integration enables HP Systinet to use the quality reports in ALM to help manage the lifecycle of a service. Systinet can verify the quality status of a service at lifecycle checkpoints before promoting the service to the next stage.


Systinet guides the transition of services through their different lifecycle states. Using this integration, Systinet obtains information relative to the quality of a service before promoting it to the next lifecycle state. For example, before promoting a service to the development state, the existence of a service record and test requirement records are verified in ALM. This integration is closely related to the "Quality Report in Service Catalog" integration.



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Service Test Management


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Service Test Management
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