SAP BoE license expires 2015-12-31

  • KM01650618
  • 05-Jun-2015
  • 05-Jun-2015


The SAP Business Objects Enterprise license expirely date shows 2015-12-31


Issue: The Central Management Console of SAP BoE displays a license key which expires on 2015-12-31.

Cause:  This date is generated by the keycode provide to HP by SAP for distribution of SAP BoE with your perpetual license for HP IT Executive Scorecard. 

Resolution: Said keycode date is a distribution license expiration date and not the date which the perpetual license will expire as has been licensed. This keycode expiration date will not impact the HP IT Executive Scorecard functionality. HP is currently working with SAP to remove this expiration date as it’s not applicable to the customer’s license only the license between HP and SAP.