TC IE required certificate and authentication is not completed

  • KM01593248
  • 01-Jun-2015
  • 01-Jun-2015


Secure Web Sites need to add the correct certificate and authentication methods in the browser and the same qualities need to be granted in the TruClient IE protocol in order to accomplish the recording, authentication, security server redirections and replay.


In the moment to access the web site under test the first step is to authenticate the connection and a Windows Security Authentication pop-up window appears for accept/confirm a certificate but after do a click over the "OK" button and accept the certificate the TC IE interface is not loading the web site and it is not possible to record the script using TC IE.


For web sites that uses Windows  Security Authentication is required to add the certificate.


Before follow the next steps is necessary to grant that the Windows User account has administrator permissions and the IE settings can be modified, this

because the certificate and password for the certificated need to be generated and added to the IE.

1. Open the script in VuGen (Do not open the browser yet)

2. Open General Settings dialog from VuGen toolbar

3. Go to Client Certificate tab

4. Attach a certificate to the script. You need to make sure the certificate appears in the Personal Store in order to TruClient to recognize it

   >> This should attach a certificate to the script folder called CC.pfx

5. Replay the script.