A step is put in incorrect transaction in Web(Http/Html) protocol in Vugen

  • KM01590601
  • 28-May-2015
  • 28-May-2015


The logic of the LoadRunner Web Engine is to add all resource requests to the previous concurrent group. If the content type of a step is considered a resource, the place of the step in the script will differ if it is added or not in the list of the non-resource content types in VuGen recording options.


A step for accessing a big json files with a content type application/json is put in incorrect transaction in Web(Http/Html) protocol in VuGen 11.x and 12.x.


The steps of the type 'application/json' is considered as a resource. According to the logic of the LoadRunner Web Engine, all resource requests are attached to the previous concurrent group without taking into consideration the transaction.


In order to override this behavior a particular content types should be set as non-resource in Recording or Regeneration options in VuGen.  

If the problematic step "RecContentType=application/json", the steps which need to be made are as follows:  

  1. Go to HTTP Properties -> Advanced
  2. Click on Non-Resources... button
  3. In Non Resources window click on "+" button and type "application/json"
    This will add a new Non-Resource in the content types list.
    Please make sure that its checkbox is clicked.
  4. Clik on the OK button.