Error: "IPC connection to browser process is lost" during replay of a TruClient for IE script after applying MS Internet Explorer Security Update (KB3038314)

  • KM01576391
  • 18-May-2015
  • 04-Jun-2015


Recent MS IE update causes TC IE replay issues


Replaying a TruClient IE script after a recent MS Internet Explorer update causes the following error : "Error -205177:  IPC connection to browser process is lost", and the TcWebIELauncher.exe process crashes.

In addition, the following error may occur during recording: "TCS has stopped working".


Microsoft's Internet Explorer Security Update (KB3038314), made changes to the browser that cause problems for TC IE. The Patch is a general Security update applicable to different IE versions (according to


The attached files contain a fix for LoadRunner 12.01, as well as a fix for the 12.02 version as well. The contained files need to be placed in the "<Installation folder>\dat\WebIE\RRE\content\model" folder. Please backup all files before applying the patch.

Attachments :

NOTE: Fix should be applicable to Stand Alone components, as well as Performance Center Hosts, as the provided are TruClient specific files.