Reporting on the OAVA database content for troubleshooting purposes

  • KM01570396
  • 13-May-2015
  • 13-May-2015


The OAVA (Operations Agent Virtual Appliance) provides a preinstalled and preconfigured OA (Operations Agent) that collects performance metrics of a vSphere environment directly from vCenter Servers and stores them in a local SQLite database. This data is consumed by other HP software products such as VISPI (Virtualization Infrastructure Smart Plug-in) and SHR (Service Health Reporter). This support note describes some tools that can be used to examine the content of the database for troubleshooting purposes. Following use cases are described: 1. Obtaining a report of all VMware instances collected by OAVA 2. Obtaining a description of the metrics collected by OAVA 3. Listing the VMware events and alarms collected in the OAVA database 4. Checking the current values of individual metrics 5. Sneaking into the database with SQL commands 6. Browsing through the database with a GUI