High CPU usage on UCMDB Server

  • KM01568725
  • 12-May-2015
  • 12-May-2015


Perspective based views sometime take a lot of time to load


The RTSM Server has a high CPU usage and perspective views are taking a long time to load. What is the cause of this?


Perspective Based Views are active TQLs that are calculated on the server. The calculation is done automatically by the server at a certain interval.

If the amount of data in the DB and the complexity of the RTSM BSM related perspectives like System Monitors only Perspective and End User Monitors Perspective can sometimes create a high load on the server and high CPU usage even when we don’t perform any additional actions in UI.

Although active TQLs are automatically calculated on the RTSM server and the result is available in the result cache, when accessing a perspective based view from the Modeling Studio the tql calculation is triggered ad-hoc taking a lot of time. If there are many compound links, this will also add more load.

One possible workaround is to access the views from IT Universe each time you want the check the view results. By doing this the results will be fetched from the tql results cache instead of being calculated ad-hoc.