How to access the DPS (Data Processing Server) JMX console remotely

  • KM01558629
  • 05-May-2015
  • 14-May-2015


This document explains which steps can be taken to enable remote access to the JMX console. Operations Manager I 9.24 Operations Manager I 9.25 Business Service Management 9.24 Business Service Management 9.25


The JMX console can be accessed on the DPS (Data Processing Server) by using the URL:


On the DPS (Data Processing Server) this should be accessible once this should be solved to the local loopback address “”.

But the DPS (Data Processing Server) access can fail remotely with the message:

“HP Universal CMDB 9.05
Internal error occurred.
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Please notice for security reasons the remote access is turned off.

To change this behavior please access the menu:

"Admin -> Platform -> Setup and Maintenance -> Infrastructure Settings -> (Please check the "Foundations" option) -> (Please select "Security" from the drop down list")

The following option will be available:

Name: "Restrict remote access to JMX console" 
Description: "User can allow or disable remote access to JMX console"
Value: "True"

Please set it to false and re-start DPS (Data Processing Server) and Gateway.