Customize ALM to include only relevant fields for Performance Center Scenario and Test Run emails

  • KM01521172
  • 21-Apr-2015
  • 26-May-2015


When using the ALM “Send by Email” feature for a Performance Center Scenario or a Test Run, large XML encoded objects are sent in the email content and are not human readable.


Remove XML content from ALM emails of Performance Center Scenario or Test Run 



The user can customize the email body to not include these specific XML fields with the following steps:
1- Open in a text editor [repository]\sa\DomsInfo\StyleSheets\RUN_HTML.xs
2-Search @dbid!='BG_DEV_COMMENTS'
3-Add the string-->and
4-Also add-->and
5-Save the changes
6-Resend email.No ALM Restart is required