Overflow error trying to insert/update data using Connect -IT

  • KM01517131
  • 16-Apr-2015
  • 16-Apr-2015

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An overflow error is being displayed when you try to insert/update data using Connect -IT


Asset Center/AssetManager 'API error' Unable to change the management type
Certain records in the 'Portfolio Items' table would no longer be consider with the new structure. Agent COverflowChangeAgent returned error: '54 integrity was not correctly applied (no additional information avalialble) Format error'
Element rejected due to rejection of a sub-element or an unrecoverable error.


The error happens when you are trying to insert/update a value that is not the existing one on Asset Manager.

For example: if you try to insert a nature into Asset Manager that contains the value 'Nothing' with a new value 'Single host'

It will displayed the error because the mapping is suggesting to update a field that does not make reference to the last value.


You can:

1. Change the data manually on Asset Manager

2. Correct the mapping going to Element Computer and remove the model