How to delete test result file from ALM side?

  • KM01470253
  • 26-Mar-2015
  • 13-Dec-2016


There are 2 ways to delete unwanted or obsolete result file from ALM.


How to delete test result file from ALM side?


If you want delete unwanted or obsolete results file from ALM, you can use Purge Runs Wizard on the ALM.

This wizard enables you to delete old test run results in your project.
To access this wizard, You can use one of the following:
 - In the Test Sets tab, select Test Sets -> Purge Runs.
 - In the Test Runs tab, select Test Runs -> Purge Runs.
For user interface details on the Purge Runs wizard, please refer to the HP ALM User Guide, "Purge Runs Wizard" section.
If you also use UFT, you can use the [Run Results Deletion Tool] to delete test results from your system or in your ALM project.
You can delete results from only one test at a time and also you can select multiple run results for deletion using standard Windows selection techniques.
Make sure that you have Delete Run permission for this ALM project.
To open this utility, choose Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP Unified Functional Testing > Tools > Run Results Deletion Tool (From UFT12, you can choose In the Run Results Viewer, select Tools > Run Results Deletion Tool )
For more information, see the section on the Run Results Deletion Tool (described in the HP Run Results Viewer User Guide).