VuGen 12.x hangs when a script is being saved.

  • KM01447062
  • 20-Mar-2015
  • 20-Mar-2015


This document describes a scenario where VuGen 12.x when a script is being saved, suggests a workaround and provided a fix on top of VuGen 12.02.


While saving a script, VuGen 12.00, 12.01 or 12.20 hangs.  

VuGen interface can also indicate Script Parsing Failed.


Error in Script parsing engine which is result of usage of Special characters in a LoadRunner function parameters such as “(“, “ %”, “#”, “/”, “- “,  “+” for example: 

lr.user_data_point("WS Outbound Throughput (#/sec) " + server, probe.getWSThroughput()/60);


  1. A fix on top of VuGen 12.02 was provided to overcome the issue.
    To apply the fix:
    1. Download the attached file click here to download
    2. Go to AddIns\VuGen\FrontEnd\VuGenLanguageBindings folder
    3. Backup the original file HP.LR.VuGen.VuGenLanguageBindings.dll
    4. Extract and apply HP.LR.VuGen.VuGenLanguageBindings.dll from the attached file.
    5. Check if the script will save successfully. 

  2.  To overcome the problem in VuGen 12.00 and 12.01, please apply the following workaround:
    1.  Use a simple string without special characters and concatenation or
    2.  Save the string, which contains special characters and concatenation in a parameter using lr.save_string function for example:     
      lr.save_string("ORA Parse Count Hard", "ORA Parse Count(#/s) " + instance);

      then use the parameter in the VuGen function:
      lr.user_data_point(lr.eval_string("{ORA Parse Count}"), oracle.getPerSecondValue("parse count"));