When Accessing Executive Scorecard a Warning Stating This connection is Untrusted

  • KM01424142
  • 27-Feb-2015
  • 27-Feb-2015

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The browser shows an warning Window with the following error (Error code ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)


When accessing the login page of Executive Scorecard the browser does not display the page but instead shows a security warning  saying "The Connection Is Untrusted

and the error shows (Error code ssl_error_Bad_cert_domain)


This issue happened because the ssl certificate was created for one browser with a specific FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) but it's being  used in a server with a different FQND



SSL certificate is created for server

www.prod-server.domain .com

but the certificate is copied for another server like

www.test-server.domain .com

When the browser checks the validity of the ssl certificate the check fails and warns the user that the connection is not to be trusted, Customer can disrecard the warning or add an exception to avoid the issue from happening

however per security best practices the ssl certificates should be created for the ssl certificate to be recreated for the new server