Error: Project UID <value> is not valid;

  • KM01417141
  • 24-Feb-2015
  • 24-Feb-2015


What to do when encountering the error: Project UID is not valid;


An error occurs when restoring a project.

In the SA logs in ALM the following error exists...

Failed to read;
Project UID <value> is not valid;

For example...

Project UID 40567e1c-20eb-236f-1e72-2ac4b2012619 is not valid;


There are rules concerning Project UIDs (PUID)

Example: 40567e1c-20eb-236f-8e72-2ac4b2012619

1) The PUID must be 36 characters long

2) The PUID must be comprised of hexadecimal characters, i.e. 0-9, a-f

3) The forth set of numbers, "8e72" in the above example, must start with 8, 9, a, or b

How to correct...

1) Remove the project from the Site Administration

2) Open the project's "dbid.xml" file for editing

3) Delete the Project UID line, for example delete the line that appears like this: <PROJECT_UID>e973e956-5c6a-41a7-b21e-1f54d23c8fb1</PROJECT_UID>

4) Save the "dbid.xml" file

5) Restore the project in the Site Administration. The restore mechanism will recreate a valid PUID and populate this correct value in other areas of the site admin and lab project