Recording Citrix Best Practices

  • KM01413185
  • 20-Feb-2015
  • 20-Feb-2015


Provides a decription of points to keep present for the recording of Citrix Protocol


Citrix protocol recording best practices.


In order to grant that the Citrix protocol can record as expected the environment configuration need to follow some lineups which are mentioned in the next points.

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest available Citrix Client.
  2. Grant that the machine connects to the Citrix server and opens the published application without Vugen.
  3. DEP (Data Execution Prevention). Disable it in the Vugen and Citrix server.
  4. Disable the Seamless mode. Set TWIMode=Off in default.ica file on the Citrix server.
  5. Remove in the ICA client ProxyType=Auto.
  6. The Citrix session in the Citrix server need to be disconnected and terminated automatically once it closes.
  7. Disable AcitveX controls in order to prevent execution of the Citrix Online plugin under Tools->Internet options->Security->Custom level.
  8. In Vugen recording options-->Citrix-->Configuration-->Window Size use the same resolution that is used in the ICA file.
  9. Use and install the latest HP Citrx Agent in the Citrix Server.

Note: The HP Citrix Agent executable can be found in the LoadRunner full installation media, specifically in the folder
"Additional Components\Agent for Citrix Server"