[ErrorCode [310] Model objects quota is exceeded

  • KM01409600
  • 16-Feb-2015
  • 25-Nov-2015


When trying to change a TQL view, an error about an exceeded model objects quota appears


In UCMDB, when trying to change a TQL view, the following message is displayed:

com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.manage.quota.exception.CmdbQuotaException: [ErrorCode [310] Model objects quota is exceeded



The value of the parameter quota.name.server.model.objects should be the same as quota.name.customer.model.objects in UCMDB standalone server.


Document KM00746384 - uCMDB error - [ErrorCode [310] Model objects quota is exceeded] suggests increasing the following parameter: quota.name.customer.model.objects

In case the problem persists afterwards, the following parameter can be increased as well: quota.name.server.model.objects 

A reboot of the UCMDB server service is required after this change.