HP LoadRunner Protocol SDK for LoadRunner 12.02

  • KM01377286
  • 29-Jan-2015
  • 25-Feb-2015


How to install the LoadRunner protocol SDK for LoadRunner 12.02


The HP Protocol SDK (Software Development Kit) provides you with the tools to create a custom protocol. A protocol created with this SDK enables LoadRunner to run load tests on a previously unsupported application.


Installation instructions:

  1. Install the WIX toolset from https://wix.codeplex.com.
  2. If the SDK is already installed and you are installing a newer version, close Visual Studio and uninstall HP LoadRunner Protocol Library from the Windows Control Panel.
  3. Download SetupLoadRunnerProtocolSDK.zip
  4. Extract and run SetupLoadRunnerProtocolSDK.exe.

To confirm the installation, open Visual Studio and navigate to Tools > Extensions and Updates. On successful installation, the LoadRunner Protocol Library is displayed:

 image text


Documentation instructions:

  1. Download and extract LR_Protocol_SDK.zip.
  2. Open webframe.html.
  3. “HP LoadRunner Protocol SDK Overview” will be open with links to relevant information.