Q&A on use of Geographic Maps in BSM

  • KM01335009
  • 24-Dec-2014
  • 24-Dec-2014


Geo maps in BSM


Questions and answers about Geographic Maps usage in BSM.


1.      How do we show nodes in geographic maps if there is “No event” against node visible in event browser in BSM (and would this make a difference if the node is configured as an external node in OM)?
>>>     In Geo map we show only CIs with KPIs. If the Node didn’t get any event in OMi, then it doesn’t have any KPI yet, which means we won’t display it. Once the first event will arrive, then it will be displayed. Even w/o any open event in the events browser, it will still have a KPI: “Unresolved Events” with status OK.
 2.      Is CI type “Location” configuration mandatory against each and every node to show on geographic Map ?
>>>     Yes, as only CIs that have “membership” link from a Location CI to them will be displayed in the Geo map.
3.      Is it possible to see all nodes (CI item/list of server information) present at single location in single drill down ?
>>>    The tooltip of the Location will show you all the KPIs which are associated with CIs from that Location. Each KPI’s tooltip has “Caused By” which are the CIs’ names associated with this location that has this KPI (with that status).

The only way to display the CIs of that location is to create a View (Location -> CIs) and then by clicking on a location it should trigger the CI context which you can then use in TopView for example. You can also try View Mappings in OMi so based on the Event’s related CI will show you the Location and other CIs from that Location.