How to redirect the HP Operations agent on Sitescope to another server

  • KM01294973
  • 10-Dec-2014
  • 10-Dec-2014


HPOM agent & Sitescope


To redirect the HP Operations agent on Sitescope to another server, use the following steps.


On the Sitescope server where the HP Operations agent is installed, run the following command to create a new core ID: ovcoreid -create -force
  1. Run ovcert -list to remove the certificates. For all IDs in the output, run the command ovcert -remove 'id'.
  2. Adapt the xpl configuration variable OPC_NODENAME by running the command: ovconfchg -ns eaagt -set OPC_NODENAME 'hostname'
  3. Set the new server host name and core ID by running the command:
ovconfchg -ns -set CERTIFICATE_SERVER <new OM server>
ovconfchg -ns sec.core.auth -set MANAGER <new OM server>
ovconfchg -ns sec.core.auth -set MANAGER_ID <new OM server ovcoreid>
ovconfchg -ns eaagt.lic.mgrs -set general_licmgr <new OM server hostname>
ovconfchg -ns -set CERT_INSTALLED FALSE
  1. Restart the HP Operations agent by running the command:
ovc -kill
ovc -start
  1. Run ovcert -certreq to create a new certificate request.
  2. Grant a certificate request on the HPOM/BSM Gateway Server (in case of distributed BSM, grant certificate request on the Data Processing Server).
Note: After reconnecting to the HPOM server, it can take some time until events are sent to HPOM. Restarting the HPOM server, the HP Operations agent, or both, might fix it.