The temporary directory size would be increased after rebooting windows 2008 OS repeatedly with never running 'ovstop' command to stop NNM process

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  • 03-Dec-2014
  • 03-Dec-2014

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In the network node manager i 9.x (NNMi 9.x)/windows 2008, if we never run 'ovstop' command and just only go through reboot OS to restart NNM, then it will significantly increase the disk size of under %NnmDataDir%nmsas\NNM\tmp .


If reboot Windows 2008 OS without using 'ovstop' command to stop NNM, then NNM will not be able to clear

temporary files which located in %NnmDataDir%nmsas\NNM\tmp and if repeatedly reboot Windows 2008 OS

with never run 'ovstop' command to stop NNM before DO reboot OS, then the 'tmp' directory size will be significantly

 increased even twice than before size.

Windows Server 2008:
— %NnmInstallDir%: <drive>\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software
— %NnmDataDir%: <drive>\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software


The temporary files would be cleared automatically only after running 'ovstop' command.

So formally we can tell the customer to run 'ovstop' to stop NNM before reboot OS.

But it's a defact for NNM product, I have submitted a CR QCIM1B130985.