Installation issue with version 9.3 for PPM (License)

  • KM01260172
  • 19-Nov-2014
  • 07-Aug-2015


When PPM 9.3 has been installed, services will not start asking for a valid license (already applied) requiring to go to the portal in order to get it.


When PPM 9.3 has been installed, services will not start asking for a valid license (already applied) requiring to go to the portal in order to get it. 

Please check the server log to look for following error messages:

a- After installing the license:  ()
     0 license key(s) installed successfully (shown if installation has been performed more than once otherwise will show a number higher than zero - 0)

b- After trying to start services:
      ...Please apply for a valid license from the HP Licensing for Software portal..
      ...An error occured while starting the Kintana server.


A valid license could be missing:

Check the license dat file and look for Foundation License if it is missing, request the license team to check contract and verify if client has it under contract (if not ask to be added to the contract and recreate license).

Currently, all PPM deployments must consist of 3 basic elements:

• PPM Foundation (Foundation - Up to 25 users License OR Foundation - Over 25 users License)
• PPM Administration & Configuration licenses
• PPM Role / Modules

When starting PPM server, system will check if the PPM has installed 3 type of licenses:

          • If foundation licenses is missing, not allow PPM server to start.
          • If Administration/configuration/Role based license is missing, allow server to start and pop up warning messages.

Attention: There is another license called “Upgrade to Foundation from - “Up to 25 User” license to “25+ User” license”. This license needs to work together with “Foundation - Up to 25 users” license. Otherwise, this license is no use at all.

Start services on PPM should be working properly after checking this.

Note:  A different license could be missing as well, just check for the one missing to be added.


Once new license file (dat file) has been created with all the licenses, reinstall it properly on the server. 

Do not download the file on /tmp/ or /work/ folder for Linux systems, it can be removed during the start up on the services.

    sh /<location>/Licensefilename.dat
    Licenses installed should be more the cero:  # license key(s) installed successfully….

Customers with valid entitlement order can got HPSW licensing portal to activate their license at

Existing PPM version 9.2 and prior customers with active support can go to My Updates Portal ( ) by entering their SAID to and select  PPM v9.30 Software e-media to get Software updates and click “Get license” to get the new key(s) for their selected PPM 9.30 SW updates.

Clients need to make sure the contact contains Foundation License (required to start services) and the rest of the products they want to activate when registering over the portal.

More information, how to install the license: KM01767038