How do I get operator id, not operator full name, in task history

  • KM01258879
  • 18-Nov-2014
  • 18-Nov-2014

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The Change Management task records are currently storing the operator's full name in the orig.operator field of the cm3t record orig.operator field of the cm3t record. One possible change to get the operator's ID stored instead is to set the Operator ID (true) or Full Name (false) field of the phase definitions to true.


Currently, the operator's full name is being stored in the orig.operator field of the cm3t record. The customer wishes to store the operator's ID instead.


There are multiple places where the operator full name usage is put into play. One of these controls goes back to the phase definition. 
Please check all the Task phase definitions to ensure that the field labeled:
Operator ID (true) or Full Name (false) 
is set to true in order to store the operator ID instead of the full name.

1. In the SM Command Window, type: db
2. Press the [Enter] key
3. In the Form: field, type: cm3tcphs.main
4. Search
5. In the Operator ID (true) or Full Name (false)field, type: false
6. Search
7. Change these to a value of true for the Operator ID (true) or Full Name (false) field
    (Note: if you updates these with a Mass Update, the field will be labeled, Oper Full Name, on the Template.massupdate format)
8. Test