How to enable a wizard when selecting assigned editor from a pending KM document

  • KM01251890
  • 13-Nov-2014
  • 13-Nov-2014


There is a wizard that can be called to select an assigned editor when editing a pending KM document. This explains how to disable the link record to find an operator and use a wizard instead.


How to enable a wizard to fill the assignedEditor field in a pending KM document.


1.  Login as falcon
2.  Go to Navigator->Tailoring->Document Engine->Processes
3.  In the process name field enter "" and click search.
4.  Click the RAD tab when the process record opens.
5.  In the Expressions field before RAD call for enter the following: $
6. Set the condition for from false to true.
7. Change the condition from true to false for the RAD app.
8.  Click Save.
9.  Goto the Navigator->Tailoring->Wizards
10.  In the Wizard Name field enter "KM choose ChM owner" and click search.
11.  Click on the Actions tab and then the javascript sub-tab.
12.  Add the following line "vars.$L_file[vars.$selectedField] = vars.$L_login;" so it looks like:

vars.$L_file.coordinator = vars.$L_login;
 vars.$L_file.coord_phone = vars.$L_phone;
 vars.$L_file.coord_date = system.functions.tod();
 vars.$L_file[vars.$selectedField] = vars.$L_login;

13.  Click Save