Cannot see steps in development (browser) mode in Vugen 11.52 TruClient for Internet Explorer protocol.

  • KM01232694
  • 03-Nov-2014
  • 17-Dec-2014


Cannot see steps in development (browser) mode in VuGen 11.52 TruClient Internet Explorer protocol due to an object with undefined property. A workaround is provided to overcome this issue.


Cannot see steps in development (browser) mode in Vugen 11.52 TruClient Internet Explorer.  


A possible cause could be an object which has undefined property in the default.xml file in the script folder.


A possible workaround is to substitute the value undefined, with null in the default.xml file.

  1. In the script folder open the  default.xml with Notepad
  2. Search for the "value" : undefined for example: 
    { "id" : "a/href", "value" : undefined, "score" : 0.2 } 
  3. and substitute the value undefined with null for example:  
    { "id" : "a/href", "value" : null, "score" : 0.2 }
  4. save and close the default.xml
  5. Open the script in development (browser) mode and check if the steps are visible.