Language determination for SRC not working as expected

  • KM01217308
  • 21-Oct-2014
  • 21-Oct-2014


Windows and browser settings are set to english US.But SRC takes somehow German lengage. Customer has the following complex environment: (sharing directly the mail from customer) We are using a load-balancer in front of three Service Request Catalog Instances. In fact we are using the isapi-plugin as well for load-balancing as for handing the Login-Credentials. Until now we had configured this balancer to use sticky sessions, that means sessions with the same id will be forwarded to the same instance


Windows and browser settings are set to english US.But SRC takes somehow German lengage.

Customer  using a load-balancer in front of three Service Request Catalog Instances, isapi-plugin for load-balancing as for handing the
Login-Credentials. Load balancer is configured  to use sticky sessions, that means sessions with the same id will be forwarded to the same instance 


By forcing stickiness the SRC 9.33 language determination will be working fine.

 set sticky_session_force=true in the IIS config of LB