Failed to register BSM Connector to the connected server list.

  • KM01191240
  • 01-Oct-2014
  • 01-Oct-2014


BSM Connector 9.23 + NNMi 9.23 + BSM 9.24, integrated


Integrating BSMC 9.213 with BSM 9.24 server via the Connector integration GUI fails with the following error message:

 "Failed to register BSM Connector to the connected server list"

 After a refresh of the BSM Connector Integration GUI the created integration is listed.


There are no pending certificate requests. 

After using the ConnectedServer -a command to add the server, it does not show up in the BSMC Integration GUI.


The solution is in the "Connect BSM Integration Adapter to a reverse proxy or load balancer" section.


  1. On the NNMi server, execute D:\NNMInstall\bin\win64\ovcoreid
    The output of this command is <OvCoreId>

  2. On the BSM server:
    1. Export the trusted certificate by executing:
      ovcert -exporttrusted -file omi.cer

    2. Generate a certificate by executing:
      ovcm -issue -file cert.cer -name <NNMi Server FQDN> -coreid <OvCoreId> -pass <password>

  3. Copy omi.cer and cert.cer files from the BSM server to the NNMi server in <dir> where <dir> is any convienient directory.

  4. On the NNMi server, import the certificates:
    ..:\NNMInstall\bin\win64\ovcert -importtrusted -file <dir>\omi.cer
    ..:\NNMInstall\bin\win64\ovcert -importcert -file <dir>\cert.cer

  5. On the BSM server, use ovcoreid to show the core ID of the system. This is <BSM_OvCoreId>

  6. On the NNMi server, set the manager and certificate server manually,


  1. ..:\NNMInstall\bin\win64\ovconfchg -ns -set CERTIFICATE_SERVER <BSM Server FQDN>
  2. ..:\NNMInstall\bin\win64\ovconfchg -ns sec.core.auth -set MANAGER <BSM Server FQDN>

..:\NNMInstall\bin\win64\ovconfchg -ns sec.core.auth -set MANAGER_ID <BSM_OvCoreId>