How to fix incorrect event based KPIs statuses

  • KM01183260
  • 29-Sep-2014
  • 29-Sep-2014




There are two possibilties to fix incorrect event based KPI states.


1. Use a JMX method, by  running the following URL to load the corresponding MBean

- Use the methods :

java.lang.String reinitForSubCategory

to reinitialize all counters for HIs attached to particular event subcategories.

java.lang.String reinitForCiAndSubCategory

to reinitialize all counters for a particular CI and subcategory. Here subcategory is optional.

----> Please note that reinitAll method is not supported using JMX when BSM is running. To recalculate all counters for all CIs use the command line utility (see below) when BSM is disabled.

2. Use the command line utility : <HPBSM>\opr\support\

 Run the  command as follows to reinit the counters for a CI and/or event subcategory :

<HPBSM>\opr\support\ -r -ci <ci_id> [-cat <cat>]

- Run command as follows to reinit all CI counters (available only when BSM is disabled on the underlying server)

<HPBSM>\opr\support\ -r -all