Previous property file changes can't be remained after upgrading from NNMi v9.1x to NNMi v9.2x

  • KM01160785
  • 13-Sep-2014
  • 15-Sep-2014

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After upgrading from Network Node Manager (NNMi) v9.1x to NNMi v9.2x, previous property file changes could not be preserved in %NnmInstallDir%\misc\nnm\props\shared\ file.


Before upgrading, there are some changes in %NnmInstallDir%\misc\nnm\props\shared\ file, like below:

com.hp.ov.nms.disco.suppressFDBconnections=true   -------> added line

but after upgrading from NNMi v9.1x to NNMi9.2x, previous changes was disappered, just only below line was left:


%NnmInstallDir%: <drive>\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software
%NnmDataDir%: <drive>\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software




In Network Node Manager (NNMi), we can see file in the two places:



but these two places have different role for property files.

for NnmInstallDir/misc/nnm/props/ directory, the customer should never change configuration

parameters in NnmInstallDir/misc/nnm/props - in fact they should never be aware that this directory even exists. 

These files will get overwritten with each new NNMi product release.


We should change file which located in NnmDataDir/shared/nnm/conf/props

NOT NnmInstallDir/misc/nnm/props/.