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  • 11-Sep-2014
  • 11-Sep-2014

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This is document intents to guide the end user and DBA in the understanding of what are the permissions and roles of the two ALM DB users.HP ALM DATABASE USER PROFILE Database Principal i.e.: td_db_admin Creation: This user must be created by the end user prior the installation. Required Permissions: SecurityAdmin dbCreator Roles: Creates project databases Creates user td Assign permissions to the td user (Public and ddladmin) Creates td schema and makes td owner of it. This account is the owner of the database for the projects. Application User i.e.: td Creation: This user is created automatically by the installation, its roles and functionality are granted by the application using the DB Principal. Required Permissions: ddlAdmin Public Roles: This user is in charge of executing all the scripts that the application requires to its proper functionality This account is the owner of the database schema: td.