*** Exchange 2010 *** Database and SMB Integration Issues

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  • 25-Aug-2014
  • 25-Aug-2014

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Problem: Exchange 2010 DP7.03 integration issues Solution: Hotfix QCIM2A47257_TM2 + Omnirc Settings +Exchange Admin Tasks


DP A.08.10 Build 200 Exchange 2010 Server's Database Integration and Single Mailbox Integration Fails with following Error:

"Database reported error while performing requested operation"


mbx_bar browse

command from command line of Exchange Server 2010 failed with:


Error Code: -2147024891 

Exchange OB2BAR_Main debugs showed:

MBX_MAPILogon, MBX_OpenDefaultMsgStore, all succeed with "RetVal: (int) 0"

only  "[MBX_GetMailboxTable] --> GetMailboxTable method." fails with retcode: -2147024891 

Below is the failure block as reported inside DP Debugs:

[ 20] 2014-08-22 08:10:37 ("/integ/exchange/Mailbox/MBX_common.cpp $Rev: 32710 $ $Date:: 2012-07-26 21:47:53":975)
[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] --> QueryInterface method.
[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] <-- QueryInterface.
 retcode: 0

[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] Server Distinguish Name: /O=microsoft/CN=servers/CN=sbrsva004.saipemnet.saipem.intranet

[ 20] 2014-08-22 08:10:37 ("/integ/exchange/Mailbox/MBX_common.cpp $Rev: 32710 $ $Date:: 2012-07-26 21:47:53":990)
[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] --> GetMailboxTable method.
[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] <-- GetMailboxTable.
 retcode: -2147024891

[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] <-- GetMailboxTable returned error but we are trying to see what we got in the list of mailboxes.

[ 20] 2014-08-22 08:10:37 ("/integ/exchange/Mailbox/MBX_common.cpp $Rev: 32710 $ $Date:: 2012-07-26 21:47:53":1011)
[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] --> SetColumns.
[ 20]  [MBX_GetMailboxTable] <-- SetColumns.
 retcode: -2147024891

"GetMailboxTable" call didn't work even at MFC MAPI level (Sessions, Logon, use "$$$Data Protector")


Setting Environment Variables:

Have the following entries set inside the omnirc file of Exchange 2010 Server:

Apply Labfix

HP Lab Hotfix: QCIM2A47257_TM2 (e2010_bar.exe 217736 bytes & PHSAPI.dll 30008 bytes dated 18/10/2013) to be placed under omniback\bin folder of Exchange 2010 Server

Perform Following Steps:

1- Grant Send as permission and receive as permission for the service account.
add-adpermission -user test -accessrights Extendedright -Extendedrights "Send As"
add-adpermission -user test -accessrights Extendedright -Extendedrights "Receive As"
2- Grant Full access permission for the logged on user on the service account used to open MFCMAPI
3- Creat new profile using service account by MFCMAPI.
4- Force replication between the DC’s, if DAG, if not DAG and only STANDALONE Exchange Server, this is not required

Here is how to create profile using MFCMAPI:
1. Open up MFCMAPI, go to Profile > Launch Profile Wizard > Click OK
2. Then Click Next
3. Add the name of your Client Access Server, click Next
4. Click Next
5. Click Finish
6. Go To Profile > Show Profiles, select the profile you just created
7. Select the only service there and double click it
8. Find the Global Profile Section. It's the provider with the PROVIDER_UID that is XXXX and single click it
9. Select PR_PROFILE_CONNECT_FLAGS and set it equal to 0x8000 (CONNECT_IGNORE_NO_PF)
11. Close all dialogs until the default dialog appears.
12. Select Session > Logon and display store, and select the profile if not already selected

Perform following at OS level:

mbx_bar create

Profile Name: $$$Data Protector

Once above is created, following entry would reflect "$$$Data Protector inside the Windows Registry:
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles
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