How to disable RUM client monitoring on both .Net and J2EE Agent

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  • 19-Aug-2014
  • 19-Aug-2014


Disable X-HP-CAM-COLOR response header for RUM requests


 How to disable RUM client monitoring integration (response header) in both .Net and J2EE Agent?


.Net Probe
To disable response header you need to edit .Net Probe's etc/probe_config.xml file and comment out the key that look like this:

<rum enabled="true" encryptedkey="OBF:3pe941vx43903wre40303xxz3q6r42ob43n93wre3io03xjs40h940pc3wir3q233jur3zir3yi03zir3vc03wre3xpi3r8o3olr44na3zor3v6m3vc03zir44u03ohb3rdi3xjs3wx03v6m3zor3yc63zor3jqz3q6r3wd740vi40b53xpi3ike3wx043gp42ur3q233y3r3zwy3wx0432i42293p9p" responseheader="X-HP-CAM-COLOR"/>

or set rum enabled="false" then restart app server (IIS).
J2EE Probe
For Java Problem there is an option at installation time, a checkbox that says "Diagnostics with RUM Client monitor". Once installed and selected the only way to turn it off is to edit etc/ = false
client.monitoring.enabled = false
These changes take effect immediately.